Unleashing Nepal In Little Angels' School
Kathmandu Post

Why is Nepal lagging in economic development? This question has several answers, and the topic of discussion at a programme held in the auditorium of Little Angel's School on Sunday. Sujeev Shakya, author of Unleashing Nepal, discussed the past, present and the future of the economy of Nepal with the plus-two and Bachelor level students at the school.

In the programme, Shakya familiarised students with ideas and habits of the Nepali population, which he believed to be the root cause of our economic problems. "Our rent-seeking mentality is not letting us go forward. We want results without making any efforts," he said. Shakya was asked questions by students on the economy of Nepal as well. The students asked what measures could be taken to change the depending behaviour of the Nepali population in the economy. They were also keen on knowing what strengths Nepal has that will benefit it in development. Unleashing Nepal tries to find out the reasons behind Nepal's under-developed economy. The book portrays the economic drawbacks of Nepal from the time of Prithvi Narayan Shah, to present day Nepal. Shakya, who is also a business executive and a charted accountant, is planning to organize similar programmes in different colleges and schools.

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