Unleashing Nepal in Boss Magazine
With comments from Gurucharan Das, Ashraf Ghani and Catrin Froehlich

A bold new text provides insights to the answers for age old questions. How can Nepal become prosperous? What form of government will best suit a tiny country that is more racially and ethnically diverse than some continents? Why have the political achievements of Nepal not been followed by the promised economic successes? Sujeev Shakya's narration is clearly an attempt to identify our inherent problems and should, no doubt, serve as a warning to our constitution makers to not repeat past mistakes. He examines how democracy was commended and condemned at different times during Nepal's history and how relentless power struggles between stakeholders led to a nation characterised by hunger and abject poverty. Yet, there are stories of hope strewn across the book. It is a clear testament to the ingenuity and endurance of the Nepali people who have spearheaded what was probably the smoothest transition from an absolute monarchy to a democratic republic.

The eventful, often poignant, history of Nepal is most alive in the people of this ravaged nation. We have worked wonders aboard, while having failed to establish a sustainable source for something as basic as potable water. The reasons for such disparities are difficult to establish, but Unleashing Nepal is a laudable effort to provide us with a direction. The author has indeed masterfully crafted an enthralling story with lessons that have consequences for the whole region.

Unleashing Nepal was released on 12 October. It is published as a paperback by Penguin Books. The book features a foreword written by famed author and columnist Gurcharan Das and an introduction by Ashraf Ghani, chairperson of the Institute for State Effectiveness.

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