At the Launch of Unleashing Nepal
Remarks by Mr. Prabhakar Rana

What the book is all about, Kulchandraji has explained to you in detail. And the very fact that Sujeev very kindly asked me to say a few words tonight is not that I am an economist, I am not an author, infact I have always said that I did not even study Commerce to be a businessman. But I have had the pleasure of working with Sujeev and many like him. And it has been the greatest pleasure in my life that all those with whom I have had the privilege of working have succeeded so well in their chosen field.

I have gone through this book completely before I stand before you here. And I think Sujeev should be congratulated for filling a very important gap on the economic history of Nepal and what it implies to business in particular. It is a very well written book, which Sujeev always does. But it is a book that covers areas where no one had dealt before. We have read many books or many articles emphasizing in one aspect and leaving the rest for someone else to do. That to my mind Sujeev has fulfilled brilliantly in this book. My personal feeling is what he has been writing about in many ways but separately has now been brought together. Any students of economics in Nepal or abroad or those who are practicing either in government, or in business or in scholarship or in NGOs and INGOs should read this book. There is plenty of criticism where we failed but the book to my mind delivers much more than that. In the sense, it also says there are ways to improve it. There is still hope. And if there is hope there can be solutions to the problem. Our own experience also says the solutions may never come. But that is not the way he ends the book. He does present ways and means to correct our ways, ways and means to move ahead, without being too much of a pontification. But from a practical sense which Sujeev has had working in the business sector as well as in the publishing sector for some time. I recommend highly that all of you before you depart do buy a book. I am not trying to be his salesman, though 42 years in tourism does make you a marketing man in one way or another.

There are criticism but criticism is deserved. But there are also ways why it happened. There is a socio-economic factor also and there is a political factor. All I can say is, all of us if we go through this book and even try to bring half or quarter of what Sujeev prescribes, I think we will not only Sujeev proud, but make this country proud.

Thank you very much.
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