A new edition of the #1 Best Seller

The updated and revised version of Unleashing Nepal provides an update on the past five years since the book was first published. Nepal has undergone unprecedented transformation. The elections to the Constituent Assembly and its dissolution, the integration of the rebel army and the end of a 240 year Shah dynasty along with doubling of remittances to USD 5 billion, better performance in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and rise of consumption.

The new edition updates not only data and existing chapters like talking about the "Rise of the Bahun Business Barons" but a new chapter has been added entitled "In Search of Unleashing". Sprinkled with anecdotes from his own personal journey, Sujeev Shakya provides a perspective on how Nepali is transforming for the better. He believes that Nepal's transformation from an erstwhile fragile state to a frontier investment destination is happening in reality.

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